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Development Milestones

A note to potential Potioneers: this section contains spoilers for the thinking behind and the implementation of every aspect of Potioneer. Don't read any further than this paragraph if you want to come in cold (recommended). If you're a fellow dev or you want to help out with Potioneer or you're just curious where it's headed, then by all means, read on.

A note from lead Potioneer

Previously I had been using Trello to maintain my internal to-do list, but recently I've wanted to move away from relying on third-party and commercially-hosted solutions. I want to do things old-school, hosted by myself or the community. There's no reason why I can't use the wiki for this. And, it'll give you guys and girls (and everyone in between) a trusted and friendly place to go to get your Potioneer updates while it's in development. Welcome!

To do

  • Plant seed in newly created terrain hole
  • Terrain hole fills in over time with no seed
  • Terrain hole can be refilled with dirt to be considered a planted seed
  • Record new trailer
  • “Edge of the world” waterfall, like water falling off the edge of a table
  • Fix orientation of tools when picked up

To do: plants

  • Finish import of Talle plant
  • Finish import of Swent plant
  • Create model for Lystvine plant
  • Create model for Giant Agaricus mushroom
  • Create model for Wame Root mushroom
  • Create model for Vane plant
  • Create model for Droo plant
  • Create model for Nelumbo plant
  • Create model for Squelch plant
  • Create model for Bloodcap mushroom
  • Create model for Flamevine plant
  • Create model for Blueseed plant


  • Dig hole in terrain
  • Scale player camera in prep for Shrink potion/mouse mode
  • Replace VRTK with SteamVR 2.x Unity library (big job!)
  • Use SteamVR hands which contain the 31 bones used for poses with Knuckles and other controllers
  • Configure and test trackpad locomotion with SteamVR 2.x
  • Scale player camera in prep for Grow potion/god mode
  • Write code to identify what the terrain at any point in space is made of (grass mixed with dirt, rocks, stones) to identify biome
  • Build complete list of all terrain textures (normal maps included)
  • Reduce terrain texture sizes to improve download and performance
  • Organize game plants into groups for each biome (tree type 1 likes sandy areas, tree type 2 likes high mountains, etc.)

Wouldn't it be nice

  • Grow trees organically using Unity's tree Branch Group: Length value rather than scaling model in all axes
  • Grow plants organically by converting them from fixed models to procedurally generated stems with unique bulbs and flowers
  • Pick up whole trees in god mode
  • Place whole trees in god mode
  • Paths begin to form (terrain splatmap) on sections of grass which are walked on often (see: desire paths)
  • Implement all flora as part of Unity ECS/DOTS to eliminate game objects
  • In-game camera to capture beautiful moments
  • Ability to place rivets like we do nails as a snap point for rope to hang canvas (think overhangs and awnings) [suggested by Polar on Discord]
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