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 +====== Gameplay ======
 +===== Growing Plants =====
 +==== Growing Your First Plant ====
 +  - To start growing plants, grab an [[Arrowhead_(seed)|Arrowhead]] starter seed off of the table.
 +  - Put the seed in a planter cell.
 +  - Pour dirt from the [[Box_o_Dirt|Box-o-Dirt]] until the planter cell is filled up.
 +  - Use the trowel to even the dirt out.
 +  - Add water from the [[Watering_Can|Watering Can]] to the dirt until it has changed color completely.
 +  - After the plant has grown you can add more water to make it bigger.
 +==== Removing an Unwanted Plant ====
 +  - Simply reach down to the root of the plant and pull, just like in your real-world gardens! ​
 +==== Growing Seeds ====
 +  - Plants will grow seeds as they get bigger. Each plant has its own type of seed, so keep an eye out!
 +  - To harvest seeds, carefully grab the seed with the Trigger button.
 +  - Seeds must be planted and cannot be set down or they will be lost.
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