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How To Play

Growing Plants

Growing Your First Plant

  1. To start growing plants, grab an Arrowhead starter seed off of the table.
  2. Put the seed in a planter cell.
  3. Pour dirt from the Box-o-Dirt until the planter cell is filled up.
  4. Use the trowel to even the dirt out.
  5. Add water from the Watering Can to the dirt until it has changed color completely.
  6. After the plant has grown you can add more water to make it bigger.

Removing an Unwanted Plant

  1. Simply reach down to the root of the plant and pull, just like in your real-world gardens!

Growing Seeds

  1. Plants will grow seeds as they get bigger. Each plant has its own type of seed, so keep an eye out!
  2. To harvest seeds, carefully grab the seed with the Trigger button.
  3. Seeds must be planted and cannot be set down or they will be lost.
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