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Guzmania Mania - Update 0.0.6


Happy day, Potioneers!

Have you been to the pond located just outside the forest treeline? A new plant has sprouted there: the Guzmania! It’s got delicious red leaves and a fresh yellow seed. Perhaps if you’re lucky, you’ll manage to grow one of your very own!

The Guzmania brings the number of plants you can grow in your garden to 4, including the Copperpine Tree in the larger boxes at the rear of your lot. Which plant is your favourite to grow?

Along with the new Guzmania plant, you can now reset your garden and progress in Potioneer by throwing your land deed into the fire. You’ll have a couple of seconds to pull your paper out of the fire in case you instantly regret your choice. But, after that, the game will begin fresh as if you’d never played.

Be well.

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