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Quality of Life - Update 0.0.7


Happy day, Potioneers!

First, let’s all take a moment to welcome all of the new Potioneers to Sundry. Welcome to Potioneer. Thank you for buying my game and welcome to the community. If you haven’t yet, please take a look at the official Potioneer wiki, which is run by the players themselves:

This update to Potioneer is entirely focused on improving the quality of life for our Potioneers. This means it will now be much easier to move, pick up items, water plants, and grow your gardens!

Included in this update are two important changes: Many Potioneers had remarked that it was quite hard to pick up items using the Grip button, so picking up items is now done by the Trigger. Similarly, Potioneers no longer have to hold a button to continue carrying an item. Simply click the Trigger once to pick up and click again to drop!

Along with these control changes, a few other important modifications have been made to make Potioneer more approachable:

  • Frame-rate has been improved on GTX 970 cards, meaning Potioneers with those graphics cards should now see much smoother animation when carrying items or watering plants.
  • The starter table has been raised to a proper height, making it a bit easier on Potioneers with back pain.
  • Potioneer will automatically repair a broken save file, which had caused problems for a small number of Potioneers who were not able to use the trowel and saw a clump of dirt in the centre of their lot.
  • Plants and Trees now properly sit on the dirt directly, meaning Plants no longer look as though they’re floating a few centimetres off the dirt.
  • The grass to the left of your small planters has been flattened, meaning no more spilled water and dirt
  • Copperpine Trees spawn seeds faster, and their distinctive thud is now louder.
  • Clouds rotate faster, giving a better impression of a living world.
  • The Suzuki tree behind Jawbone Ridge has improved graphics and now moves in the wind.

A few Potioneers have been asking for an outline for Potioneer’s future. Work on this is underway (keep an eye on the Steam forums!) but until it’s ready, please give a read through the Early Access section on the Potioneer Steam store page. In there, you may find some juicy tidbits to whet your appetite!

Be well.

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