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Trackpad Locomotion - Update 0.1.0


Happy day, Potioneers!

Many of you have been asking for this… and now, your prayers have been answered! Potioneer can now be controlled using the HTC Vive’s trackpad! Simply place and drag your thumb along the trackpad to move in the direction the controller is facing. This locomotion method follows other major games which have released with this locomotion method on the Vive, such as Onward (which is a lot of fun and you should buy it if you haven’t already).

Be aware, though, that some users may experience motion sickness when using the trackpad locomotion method. If that’s you, the stick with the tried, tested, and true teleportation method which has been in the game since launch by holding the grip button, pointing at the ground where you want to travel to, then releasing.

Along with trackpad movement, some other tasty new upgrades have been added to Potioneer:

  • New radio model. No more work-in-progress placeholder art!
  • All new music tracks, one for every hour of the day.
  • Taller and larger table.
  • The Forest now has a small amount of wind, rustling the trees.
  • Enhanced mushroom graphics and colliders. Can no longer walk inside a mushroom.
  • Much better tree colliders. Can no longer walk inside a tree.
  • All structures which weigh over a certain amount will no longer be movable. No more bumping into your house and knocking everything off the walls!
  • README.txt updated to include copyright information for music.
  • Adjusted terrain near table to include a small cliff.

Be sure to subscribe to the Focus on Fun Games YouTube channel!

Be well.

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