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Twitch Dev Vlog #2 - Chopping Wood


Happy day, Potioneers!

Work on craftable homes moves ever closer to completion. In this livestream, I cover some of the mechanics behind how the axe will function. It’s still quite buggy, but you will get the idea.

This video brings to light a question which I’ll tackle during this upcoming livestream: There are enough features in the game now to begin implementation of the story elements. How soon would you, the players, like to be introduced to the Axe, the Arrowhead Glue, Crafting, the Mortar and Pestle, and the Mailbox, i.e., should I wait to release the crafting upgrade as a whole or release what I’ve got done and get you to try it?

One option to consider is releasing the functional gameplay elements on a different “beta creative” branch which you can switch to via Steam. This will let you build whatever you want without having to wait to be introduced over time to the ideas organically via the storyline. This will also let you play them much earlier since work on the storyline elements and introduction elements has not yet started. I could see a “beta creative” release branch being available in a week or two, depending on the amount of surprises left in store while work continues.

An added benefit of this method is that a great many of you will be able to provide critical feedback on how the game functions while I pick up the work on Mailbox, Characters, and Encyclopedia, which is a journal that automatically fills in as you learn more about your surroundings, including the flora and (eventually) fauna.

The audio on this livestream has improved, but unfortunately the video is quite choppy. Still, you should be able to follow along! Here’s the link:

Don’t forget to follow Focus on Fun Games on Twitch and I’ll see you this Tuesday at 7:30PM EST.

Be well.

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