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Your Second Plant - Update 0.0.4


Happy day, Potioneers!

I bring you very good news: a new plant has been spotted in the area. Word around the market is that it’s called a Marmo. It grows to be quite tall and releases a seed infrequently, so keep an eye out for a drop! If you manage to grow a Marmo, tweet a screenshot to @focusonfungames and you’ll receive a fave.

Along with the new plant, included with this update is the ability to pull up plants you no longer want. If you did what I did and went haywire filling your planters, this will help make some space for the Marmo. Simply reach down to the root of the plant and pull, just like in your real-world gardens!

Special thanks goes out to Steam user “The Mountain King” who has stepped forward to put up the first set of pages on the Potioneer wiki, which is the official site of Potioneer. The work isn’t complete, so I encourage all Potioneers to pitch in and help out if you have information, tips, or corrections to share. Write on the wiki at

Be well.

PS: Some people have been asking about the wild animal that appears at night. There isn’t one! Or, at least I’ve never seen it…

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